Salicylic Acid & My Favourite Skincare Product To Combat Blemishes.

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Blemishes. Spots. Zits. Whatever you call them, They are f*cking annoying, right? If you are struggling with your skin then this product might be the perfect addition to your skincare.

Ah mannn, the battles I have had with my skin over the years have been quite something. I have tried so many products, a lot of which has been utterly useless and stripped my skin, others have been too oily and silicone based making my skin feel like its suffocate.

Its fairly common knowledge now that Salicylic Acid is the hero ingredient if you have oily, blemish prone, acneic skin & most products sold for the treatment of acne contain a degree of Salysilic acid (aka BHA) in them. Salicylic Acid is oil soluble which means essentially It works by penetrating deep within the breaking down the bond between dead skin cells which can lead to congested pores, So the acid heads to the oily area ( aka a spot) and delivers a dose of exfoliant, reduces redness and is anti-inflammatory too.  It’s kind of the skincare equivalent of cleaning the inside of your car as well as the outside if you get my drift.

In the UK the maximum strength concentrate you can buy is 2%, This can be a little irritating at first for sensitive skin so it may be worth looking for a slightly less potent formula however for my fairly hardened skin, Paula’s Choice Skin Perfecting  2% BHA Lotion has been one of my skincare hero’s for quite a few years. This is quite possibly one of the best selling product/ Most recommended products for fighting breakouts & acne. It really does work too. I swear by it and recommend it to friends at any given opportunity. I apply this once or twice a day after cleansing, following up with a light, hydrating serum or moisturiser. What I would say is don’t expect instant results, yes skin will look brighter if you don’t use any exfoliating treatments in your routines already but if you expect your spot to be gone overnight you will be a little disappointed. It will absolutely help reduce the redness etc but this is a long-term product that really works best if used consistently. If you are struggling with blemishes Paula’s Choice is absolutely the brand you need to be trying first. It’s fairly inexpensive but more importantly, all the products (the ones I have tried anyway) have contained great ingredients and do what they say on the bottle.

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