January Blues, Holiday Blues, Blue Monday And Just Being Generally Anxious

Oh Mannnnn, does anyone else feel a little down in the dumps during January, Or is it just me?

Now, Don’t get me wrong, I have had a great start to 2019. I have just returned from Bali, One of my favourite places in the world with some of my favourite people, having the time of my life, However, I returned to Manchester Airport with a bang on Monday and the holiday blues have really hit me hard. I returned to the cold, soggy grey weather and I just wasn’t prepared to feel like crap. I’m sure it was a touch of jet lag, a sniffle I had picked up on the plane & the sickness bug I picked up the day before I flew home that didn’t help my mood upon my return, however, the overwhelming feeling was very real. At the start of a new year we see Instagrams, blog posts and podcasts about amazing goals people have set themselves, diets, fitness plans & the new year, New me chat. I find it just a little too much for my brain to process. I love setting myself a couple of goals but I try not to overpower myself with total lifestyle changes all at once.

So I have the holiday Blues / January Blues so here is what I have been doing to help my anxiety?

  • Write my own goals, One life, One work, One health. Three in total which isn’t too overwhelming for me to process.
  • Walking –  Getting out in Nature is the best remedy for clearing your head.
  • Reading a book – If you are struggling to get out of your own head, why not delve into someone else mind and read a good fiction book. I am currently reading The obsession, It’s definitely a page-turner.
  • Spending time with people who know me best. In my case, this is my cousin, Whenever I feel a little fed up my cousin is right there to cheer me up. We have the best relationship and she is my best friend who I can speak to about anything. She is awesome.
  • If I’m feeling a little Anxious I tend to lay off the booze. I wake up feeling absolutely rubbish the next day. Sometimes a cheeky gin can help you unwind however I have learnt when to have one and when to steer clear these days. How grown up am I!!?

A one size fits all concept doesn’t work when it comes to tackling anxiety & self-care so these methods are what help me, You may find they help you too, however, it’s important for you to try your own methods and see what works.

I think its just important to know this feeling won’t last forever, You will feel ‘normal’ (Whatever that is) again, but you have to put the work in to help yourself.