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I’m Over The Face-Tuned Photos | Lets See Some Real Skin On Our Social Media

Oh mannnn, I’m so bored of seeing skin so face tuned they look like a plastic doll or so plastered in Makeup you wonder if there is any skin under all of that crap at all!

We are used to seeing flawless airbrushed skin and perfect makeup in magazines, but  After spending the evening scrolling through Instagram its clear to see editorial style makeup is all over the internet I realised that everyone is morphing into the same person, Skin plastered in foundation, Layer upon layer with absolutely no imperfection visible at all which makes me feel a little bit about myself if I am being totally honest. When I bring myself back to reality I realise it’s not me that is the problem, It’s the filters society that we now live in that makes us women think we need to be totally OTT with makeup and photoshop to be Instagram worthy. Changing the shape of their face, Making bums a little bigger, Waists a little narrower, boobs perkier and skin totally line & blemish free. We seriously need to chill out on this need to all look perfect. Perfect is unattainable and let’s be honest, It’s a little boring.

We are all guilty of wanting perfection rather than reality, I’m the first to admit, I have previously face-tuned a spot big enough to have its own postcode, Since scrolling through Instagram as seeing these beautifully curated images I realised I missed the personality from these people. Some of my favourite people to follow are those who don’t airbrush/ Facetune/ photoshop their images, I personally think that is why the likes of Celest Barber, Mother of daughters & Dawn O’Porter have such an engaging audience. They are funny, relatable and don’t pretend to be perfect. If you have no idea who these people are you really need to check them out on Instagram, they will have you lol’ing for hours.

If I am posting selfies I tend to stick myself by a window and snap away, I want people to see the real me. Everyone is beautiful, that beauty spot on your cheek? That is what makes you unique, What makes you well… you. I have been on a self-love mission for the past 2 years, I’m so far away from perfect. I get spots, my teeth aren’t Hollywood white I have fine lines coming on my forehead quicker than the M1 motorway, but I have been learning to love myself regardless of these so-called flaws. It’s so easy to follow the crowd but I am determined to be authentic, Not a blurred, Smoothed faced version. When it comes to editing a photo I do a couple of tweaks. I usually have a preset which I created myself, consisting of only a few a few lighting edits on each image. I leave the skin completely alone.

Can we make a deal? Can we chill on the face tuning a little?

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