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Sustainable Swimwear | My Mantra Bikini.

Have I mentioned I love to travel? I know, I know Change the record Leanne, but just stay with me…

I would love to say I am super eco-friendly but I am not ever 1/10th of the way there (Yet!), I do love the idea of helping our planet, Wildlife and waters in any way I can though so try to make up for it I have been tweaking my buying habits. One of which I have been looking into buying fewer pieces that are high quality & last longer if cared for properly. Do you remember my Black Friday Post? I mentioned I had ordered a gorgeous Bikini from My Mantra Active. Owned by the badass babe Ina who is one of the founders of New Horizon Escapes, Her love for travel and sustainability drew me to the brand initially however the beautiful bikinis were just too my for me to resist.

Water Ripples Bikini Set £50 in total. 

Can we all agree this bikini is just beautiful? I love it so much and every time I wore it made me feel so body confident, more than any bikini ever has before. What’s more, The bikini I reversible! so as you can see from the picture this is the Ocean print side, and If you flip it over, we have water ripples so basically 2-in-1 bikini. Perfect for any backpackers out there! what I love most about this bikini are the bottoms, they are shaped in a way that makes you booty look peachy (trust me, My bum isn’t peachy so these bottoms are miracle workers) with the side straps in a plaited fabric which makes me feel like a tropical Island surfer chick.

The Bikinis from My Mantra Active are made from recycled plastic bottles which I personally think is fantastic.

Click here to browse the website for your bikini.

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