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Could This Rival The It Cosmetics CC Cream? Maybelline Dream Urban Cover Foundation

It Cosmetics took the beauty world by storm a couple of years back with their Skincare / makeup Hybrid, Your Skin But Better CC Cream But Can this Maybelline dupe match it?

I don’t go to Boots or Superdrug these days as I can drop 50 quid in no time at all & I’m really trying to curb my spending habits as of late. Anyway, the other day I did happen to pop into boots and the new in makeup releases drew me in didn’t they. Damn it, £37 lighter I left the shop with the brand new Maybelline Dream Urban Cover(£10.99). A full coverage, a lightweight protective foundation with an SPF 50 Broad Spectrum (UVA & UVB Protection) & anti Pollution. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it? Well, there are a few differences in the products which ill mention below, so here goes…

Shades available

The Maybelline Dream Urban Cover foundation comes in 20 shades, offering very fair shades for the more the English rose complexions among us to the shade Java for dark skin tones. Just as a comparison, the It Cosmetics CC cream is only available in 12 shades which I find a little restricting for many people out there although I know they are adding more shades to their range soon. I bought the shade Nude Beige (126), I would say this is a tiny bit dark for me, but I can definitely get away with it when I fake tan, which I tend to do once a week.

 Before – After

What about the formula & Ingredients?

The Maybelline Foundation is much thinner in consistency but It does offer the full coverage as stated on the packaging. I used my Bobbi Brown buffing brush to blend it into the skin which I found I was able to do really easily. Obviously, if you wanted a lighter coverage you would be able to achieve this by using less product or I find using a damp Beauty Blender offers a sheerer coverage should you want the option. When I applied the Maybelline side by side to the It cosmetics It was very slightly more matte which I actually preferred, however, it still looked radiant & ‘glowy’.

On face value, They are the same product, It’s only when you take a look at the ingredient list do you realise this is where the It Cosmetics CC Cream shines. The Maybelline is much more of a makeup product where the It Cosmetics offers hydration, peptides & Hyaluronic Acid  (and more) which is more of a skincare/makeup hybrid.

Both It Cosmetics & Maybelline are owned by the L’oreal group. Generally, in retail, the high-end products such as the It Cosmetics CC cream is released & 6 months + a ‘dupe’ product is released from a drugstore brand which is pretty much the same product but at a more affordable, high street Price.



Left- It Cosmetics Right – Maybelline Dream urban Cover

Which Would I choose?

In all honesty, if we were just going on looks alone & something to use on a Day to Day basis, I think I would choose the Maybelline. I have a great skincare routine, therefore, I don’t need that from my makeup. It held up really well during a normal day at the office with minimal movement on my T-zone area which is where I am most oily. The Packaging of the Maybelline is slightly cheaper but for a £20 difference, its something that really doesn’t offend me at all.

One final thing to mention, although both brands are owned by L’Oreal, It Cosmetics Still holds its PETA certificate which essentially means its cruelty-free. Maybelline is stocked in China which means their products are tested on animals.

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