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The 7 Day Skincare Ampules That Makes Skin Look Awesome.

There are not many skincare products that I just HAVE to own these days, I know what I like & what suits my skin & I tend to Sick to those. Serums are the backbone of a good skincare regime. It’s Serums that often cost the most money & I am actually happy spending my hard earned pennies on a good product. When I saw these were getting released, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on them.

L’Oreal Revitalift Filler Ampules are a new kid on the skincare on the block in the UK and I am pretty pleased they are around. We have all heard of Hyaluronic acid haven’t we, Well This product contains 7 ampules filled with pure hyaluronic acid that helps hydrate the outer layer of the skin leaving it looking plumped and super healthy. The Vitamin B5 in the formula helps to revitalise the skin. So in short, Its a little shot of H2O for the skin cells, Who doesn’t need that?

I have tested this My skin definitely feels smoother and my hydrated, especially around the forehead and around the eyes too. I was a little sceptical to purchase these due to the fact they are £19 for essentially a 7-day product, however, Similar products on the market from Hight end skincare brands & Derms would be at a much higher price.

What are the Pro’s

Not Sticky Like most other Hyaluronic Acids

Can be used Morning Or evening.

Great for Travel. These are 100% going in my Long haul Flight bag, They are going to be Perfect.

Can be used under Makeup without a peeling or bobbling effect.

What Are the Con’s

Not a lot of product for the money however they are often on offer

The Ampules are not really eco-friendly. Hyaluronic acid is stable so for me, It would be better for the plastic reduction if the product was packaged in one package rather than 7 microtubes.

How to apply.

I always used mine at night, After double cleansing flick the narrow part of the ampule so all of the product is in the bottom of the tube, then snap the plastic tube open. I pour it out into the palm of my hand and apply it all over my face, neck & chest (As Caroline Hirons would say, Take it to the tits!) I used any product left on the backs of my hands and around my lips too. really Simple, Quick & effective for almost instant result.

If you are in desperate need of a boost of hydration these are where you need to be looking. As I mentioned above the packaging is a real waste in my opinion however I am sure L’oreal will come up with a better packaging method in due course. For now, I’m stocking up on these for my travels this year!

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