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Basic Skincare Routine | Morning

We have covered your evening skincare, right? (See the previous post) Now let’s get stuck into your morning Skincare Basics. By all means, If you want a 12 step skincare routine, I applaud you, Carry on, But if you are like me and want a quick, Effective yet minimal routine then here are your essentials.


Unlike your evening routine, A single cleanse will suffice. I like to use a lighter cleanser in the mornings but that is just my personal preference, At the moment I am using the Merumaya Melting balm Cleanser for both AM & PM cleansing which is just a great cleanser in general, That reminds me, I must write an up to date review of this. I would steer clear of anything that foams, In general, they dry out the skin which isn’t ideal even for the oiliest of skins. A good cleanser that isn’t too heavy should cover you for both morning and evening routines.

Acid Toner.

My favourite step. I use Paula’s Choice Skin Perfecting 2% BHA Liquid. It’s changed my skin so much that I am NEVER without a bottle on my dressing table. I have slightly oily skin so I opt for a BHA however if you are slightly on the dry side and lacking in that glow, Grab yourself an AHA, Superdrug have a fab Glycolic toner which is only about £6 or something, Or a bloggers favourite is the Pixi Glow Tonic.


Here is where you can treat your skin, At the moment I’m using a Vitamin C serum (Dermalogica Bio-Lumin C) or a Hyaluronic Acid Serums for hydration, A good serum will fix issues that you may be niggling you. They are often a one of the most expencive part of your routine but It is really worth spending a couple of extra quid on this step as they have the most active ingredients.


This is the most important step, Especially if you are using retinol in the evening (As per my evening routine post) If you are going to retinol, and then not use SPF you will cause more damage than good. A good SPF will reduce the appearance of fine lines, Pigmentation, brown spots & obviously sun damage. There are a couple of great ones that I reach for daily, I’ll be honest, finding a good SPF wasn’t easy. I have oily/ Dehydrated skin so finding one that didn’t make my face feel greasy was a challenge however, persistence is key & I struck gold with my Heliocare SPF 50.


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