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Conscious Shopping With Les.Basics

FRED Roll Up shorts in BlueFRED Roll Up Shorts in Blue [Gifted]

Buy Quality. Make it Last.

Up until fairly recently, I was completely ignorant of the impact fashion has on our planet & the people in other countries. I have been doing a little research on the slow fashion as of late and here is what I found. Slow Fashion is the movement of designing, creating, and buying garments for quality and longevity. It encourages slower production, fair wages, lower carbon footprints, and (ideally) zero waste.

What can we do about it?

Buy clothes from brands that care.

Choose natural or semi-synthetic fibres

Wash clothes only when you need to

Wash clothes at a lower temperature (30ºC)

Last year I decided to make a change to my shopping habits I went through an awful stage of buying cheap clothes that looked ok when they were first worn but after one wash looked misshapen, shabby (not chic, may I add) and let’s face it, They looked like crap.  At the time I didn’t particularly do this for the environment, I was just fed up of wasting money on clothes all the time.  I am now much more selective with the clothing I buy, I ask myself a couple of questions, Do I have something similar in my wardrobe already? Do I actually need it? Is this adaptable to different seasons & styles?

The Basics.

I look for pieces that are minimalist, Comfy & timeless which is what I have found when I shop with Les.Basics.  If you get your core basics you can not go wrong, Its a tried and tested method, Buy great quality essentials and work from there. I look after my clothes well, Only washing them when absolutely necessary.

T-shirt wise, I’ll be honest, I have had the same Jcrew T-Shirts for the past 3 years. Black, White & grey. They weren’t the cheapest tees but I ‘ve had them so long the cost per wear is ridiculously low. Some of the white ones need replacing now as they are a little discoloured so I have my eye on the Les.Basics Oversized white tee. Having gathered my core essentials I can make quick and easy outfits for work, nights out and everyday use.

All Les.basics clothes are hand made by local artisans in Bali and other Indonesian islands with a lot of love. You won’t find mass production here, They are all about small collections done with care, I can totally feel this in all of my pieces I have bought over the past couple of years.

Fred Basic Blush Sweatshirt below

Disclaimer: I was gifted the Denim shorts by Les.Basics, This does not affect my opinions on the brand whatsoever. I have bought from the brand over the past few years and visited their store in Canggu, Bali.

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