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The Facial Oil Suitable For Every Skin Type | Squalane Oil Benefits

I have been a facial oil user for years now, I know people are pretty wary of them, Especially those with oily & acne prone skin, Why would you put oil on oil, right? Wrong, There is an oil that is suitable for all skin types and I’m here to tell you some of its benefits.

Squalane Oil. What is it?

Squalane oil is a man-made oil created by mixing Squalene oil (Which is an oil found in our skin naturally & traditionally gathered from sharks livers) with hydrogen giving us a stable, safe oil to use on the skin.  There are much better ways of collecting squalene these days, Brands tend to source the ingredient from olives, sugarcane, wheat germ, rice bran, palm trees leaving the poor sharks alone – thank god!

If you are not really into oils but maybe fancy dipping your toe in the market, This is where you should start. If your skin is sensitive, irritated, reddened then you will more than likely see a huge improvement in your skin after use.  Squalane Oil has been clinically proven to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and improve skin’s moisture balance giving you that dewy glow that we all long for.

Although Squalane is technically an oil, it doesn’t have an oily feel which is why I am using it morning and night at the moment. It also has no odour and is non-comedogenic, which means that it will not clog pores. This ingredient is also believed to have anti-bacterial properties meaning it is great for those with problematic skin too, It will reduce the appearance of those angry spots in no time at all.



 Fast absorbing

 Odourless & Colourless



Great for all Skin types

Makeup applied after using Squalane oil, See, No oiliness!

Routine when applying Squalane:

Cleanse / double cleanse (pm)

Acid toner

Serum / treatment

Squalane oil

Moisturise (if needed, I usually skip this)

I personally use Garden Of Wisdom 100% Pure Squalane Oil (£9 30ml) as its really affordable and The pump bottle decants the perfect amount for your face and neck however there are lots of others out there too, Here is a couple more suggestions…



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