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The Importance Of A Really Good White Tee | Les.Basics | AD

There are very few things I’m skilled in, Honestly, Buying good jeans and T-shirts is a skill I have mastered.

I have to have a good staple tee in my wardrobe, If it ain’t cotton, I don’t really want to know. There is something about the feel of cotton on my skin, its soft, cool and in the case of this oversized Tee from Les. Basics, floaty. The mistakes most make with a plain white tee is thinking its just that, What I look for is the perfect neckline, sleeve length, body length, texture, you get my point, right? A good T-shirt keeps its shape after washing and doesn’t do that really annoying twisted seem thing that lots often do, nor does it discolor at the drop of a hat. It is designed to last wear after wear.

So I have found my perfect tee. This is the Oversized Tee in white from Les. Basics, My favorite independent store all the way in Canggu, Bali. The clothes are hand made by local artisans in Bali and other Indonesian islands with a lot of love. Mass production is not something that Fred (the founder) want to do. If you follow Les.Basics on Instagram you can see how hands-on Fred is from design to manufacturing. They prioritize quality over quantity, which is why you will only find limited quantities of each piece.

The versatility of a good plain white tee is just endless. Jeans, Skirts, Shorts, Blazers you name it, A good white tee is one staple you most definitely need in your wardrobe.

I have quite a few pieces from the brand now, getting them shipped over is a bit of a pain but worth it in the long run for amazing quality products. There are so many brands that make amazing quality tees so take the time to try some on, Feel the quality and pick your favorites.

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