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The Ultimate Guide To Siargao, Philippines

Surfers Paradise, An adventurers dream… Welcome to Siargao Island.

Voted the best Island in the world by Conde Nast travellers, Siargao is just heavenly and somewhere you really should pin to the top of your bucket list.

 (The first week of my trip was booked with New Horizon Escapes, all paid for by myself, I am going to write a whole blog post on them later but you should really check them out for some awesome destinations)


How to get there.

Let’s discuss getting to this little piece of paradise, shall we? I flew from Manchester – Dubai – Cebu City where I spent the night at a homestay from there – (1hr flight) Siargao Island, So yeah, A pain in the bum to get too. Don’t let this put you off, the Island is beautifully unspoilt and a little slice of paradise. If you don’t head to Cebu city, head to Manila, Its a two-hour flight to Siargao island.

Where to stay

I would personally recommend you head straight to General Luna, They main area of Siargao, This is where all of the main resorts and restaurants are. I have a couple of resorts I would recommend.

Bravo Beach Resort

Harana Surf Resort

Kawili Resort 

I loved staying in the General Luna area however I did speak to others who really loved going up north to Pacifico for a great surf spot.

Things to do in Siargao

I was a little worried as a few people said 2 weeks was going to be too long but I found so much stuff to do, I could have definitely stayed longer.  I would imagine if you are not into adventure & surfing you may find a week enough time on the island.

Harana Surf School


First thing first. While you are in Siargao, You really should learn to surf. Harana Surf school is a brilliant place to learn,  they teach you the foundations to be safe while in the water & surfing etiquette. Certified by ISA (International Surfing Association) and moderated by members of SISA (Siargao Island Surfers Association)  Harana instructors are super friendly and full of local knowledge, I really couldn’t recommend them enough. For a 2 hour 1-on-1 surfing tuition & board rental  costs around 1500 PHP (around £23 GBP). There are cheaper places on the Island however you often get what you pay for in my opinion.

corregidor island hike siargao

corregidor island hike Siargao


While you are on the island, get in touch with the guys at My Siargao Guides  or Fat Lips and take a trip to Corregidor where you will hike up to the top of the island for insane views followed by lunch on the beach with a bit of chill time to play volleyball, snorkel or just splash about in the ridiculously clear ocean.


naked Island at sunrise

Island Hopping & Sugba lagoon

There are some beautiful Islands that you just have to go and see while you are there. Quite a few companies offer 3 island tours which include Naked Island, Daku Island & Guyam Island. These tours include lunch & drinks too and range from 1,000 PHP

Sugba Lagoon

This is something that you must not miss out on. The Sugba Lagoon is a popular Siargao tourist spot that offers an unforgettable experience at one of the bluest lagoons I have ever seen, Honestly, it’s out of this world (I’m not even exaggerating slightly) Sugba Lagoon Siargao is located on Caob Island, a short 20-minute boat ride from Del Carmen, the main city in Siargao. Take a trike or hubble to Del Carmen from General Luna in around 50 minutes before hopping on the island boat.

As the floating house can only accommodate 100 or so people at a time, there is a 3-hour time limit to spend at Sugba Lagoon. This is to allow for groups of people arriving and departing throughout the day. In that time you are able to hire paddleboards, Snorkels & canoes to have a play around in the lagoon. After your 3 hours in Sugba Lagoon you will then head to Kawhagan Island for lunch, another breathtakingly beautiful island. Usually the lunch is provided by the tour group however it is always worth double-checking in advance.


This is SO much fun! We went for 2 sessions at the Wakepark Siargao and had the best time.  Head there on Sundays for a free ride with the purchase of a drink. The guys that work there are really funny and even when you fall flat on your face you emerge from the water with a huge smile on your face! They have beer & food too so what more could you ask for. Have a beer before you have a go, It gives you a little dutch courage.

Magpupungko Rock Pools & Palm Tree Rope Swing.

Magpupungko Siargao is a 45-minute drive from General Luna, the main tourist hub here on Siargao island. I actually Hired a scooter for the whole time I was on the island so I used it to drive up there using google maps as my sat-nav, Its so easy to find, Its hard to get lost in Siargao, If you don’t want to ride on a scooter, there are tons of hubbles to get around the island, Just hop in one and be on your way.

When visiting Magpupungko rock pools its important to get there at the correct times, Low tide to be precise, I believe the pools are inaccessible during high tide so check with the locals or on the local tide forecast for the correct time to head there.

On your way to or from the Magpupungko pools why not call and have a swing on the bent palm tree? I loved this and had so many goes swinging about before plunging into the river.  There is a group of locals that are there to help you get up the tree, Its always good to give them a little tip, they are lovely lads and love to show off their skills, super impressive.  The palm tree is located on the Maasin bridge, If you are in a hubble, the driver will take you straight too it.


Workouts at SOS. Island Gym & Lotus Yoga were also awesome!


So as you can see, Siargao has so much to offer, this idyllic island may not be easy to get too but would I hop on a plane tomorrow to get there, Absolutely!

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments box or head over to my Instagram and send me a DM ( )


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