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Top Tips while in Siargao Island | Philippines

When To Visit.

Peak times to heat to Siargao Island is in the dry season between March – October However if you are a surfer visiting Siargao Island, the best months for surfing are during the swell season which is August through to November.

Getting Around.

My preferred method of transport around Siargao was my scooter. I paid around 260 peso per day (I did haggle a little with my rental shop as I was renting for just over 2 weeks) however you will probably expect to pay between 300-400 pesos per day if you are renting for a shorter term. There are lots of places around the Island to hire a scooter from & your accommodation will usually be more than happy to organize a scooter rental for you. Gas can be found on the side of the road out the front of small local houses/businesses in the majority of the main villages on Siargao. Petrol is sold in 1-liter glass bottles for 60-70 pesos per bottle, Look out for the red coca-cola bottles on the side of the street.

If riding a scooter isn’t your thing, there are hubbles (a bike with a sort of side cart attached) that you can hop on and off for around 20-30 pesos per ride (depending on the length of trip, etc)

Money, Money, Money.

I took enough cash with me to last the whole trip as I had read that there were only a couple of ATMs on the island and they didn’t work 90% of the time. Obviously, Siargao has developed a little since those guides were written as I found a handful of ATMs in General Luna while wandering around.

Plastic Free.

I would strongly advise taking a reusable water bottle with you on your travels, Every accommodation, restaurant, surf school & cafe has free water for you to fill your bottle up. The Philippines ‘ goal is to reduce single-use plastic. Just take a bottle & do your bit for the Island.

Tuk Tuk

Have Fun.

Have the best time while you are in Siargao, Its a beautiful part of the world that I am so thankful to have been able to visit. The people are so so lovely and helpful so just sit back and enjoy your time there.

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