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I started L.E.M Blog around 2013 as a way to express my love of skincare and makeup. I started out training as a beauty therapist at a Local collage in Sheffield then went on to work in a salon where I realised I loved beauty however it was not where I wanted to work on a long term basis. My family own a family run business in the engineering industry which I have work for for the past 8 years. As a way of keeping therapist qualification relevant I started this little blog.

 As part of the ‘job’ I do get sent product samples, this does not influence my opinion on the item. As I get send quite a lot of products not all of them make it to the blog (or other social channel) but I do try my best to feature the very best products that I feel you will love too.

I do have a full time job so I am sometime usable to post on my usual days (Monday’s, Wednesday’s & Fridays) however I do try my best to stick to my posting days.


All opinions and thoughts on everything featured on this blog are entirely my own. I own all (unless stated) of the photographs on this blog but if you do own the copyright to any content on this blog and would like it removed or credited please contact me. If you would like to use any images from this blog please credit it back to here.


Although rare, you may come across the odd ‘Sponsored Post’ on this blog, which means the content in that post has been paid for. Any sponsored post has been written and edited by me and carefully considered to fit the tone and theme of this blog.

If you are a company and would like to contact me regarding PR samples or Sponsored Posts, please do so using the email

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