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I’m Over The Face-Tuned Photos | Lets See Some Real Skin On Our Social Media

Oh mannnn, I’m so bored of seeing skin so face tuned they look like a plastic doll or so plastered in Makeup you wonder if there is any skin under…

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Acne Fighting Ingredients

Acne, Zits, Spots, Blemishes, Whatever you refer to them as they are a pain in the ass & something I try to avoid at all costs. Over the years &…

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Sustainable Swimwear | My Mantra Bikini.

Have I mentioned I love to travel? I know, I know Change the record Leanne, but just stay with me… I would love to say I am super eco-friendly but…

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Looking for flawless skin? AFT Treatment At Medispa S10 | Ad-Gifted

So you are already aware that skincare is my passion, When most women are looking at beautiful makeup, you will probably find me reading the back of a bottle for its…

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